Saturday, March 3, 2012

Talked to A today...

A and I talked on the phone for a while this morning .. discussing pancakes and lasagna!  We do a ton of emailing back and forth but it is always nice to chat on the phone as well.  There was a lot of delay on the phone line this morning...made us both feel like we were constantly interrupting one another.

We are all very excited to be moving forward to the next step of doing contracts.  I have been in contact with the attorney I have used for my previous journeys and they have sought advice of a couple of different attorneys as well so we can determine under which state the contract should be governed.  At first we were thinking CA laws as we have talked about and planned (this far anyway) for a Cali birth.  However, based on the most recent legal advice, I think we will be doing the contract here in Oregon and plan for birth here as well.  We will find out more during the upcoming week and then I think we will be into the actual contract stage.

Keeping my fingers crossed that this stage of the game will be smooth. 

I did my psych evaluation last week and it went well so I am pretty much cleared for take-off so to speak.  I need to make one more appointment at my regular OB's office to have a breast exam done (mine was not done at my usual check-up as I was still pumping for the twins at that time) and also for them sign my form for continued care upon release from the RE's office.  The final "testing" piece to get done is a trial transfer which needs to be done during a certain window in my cycle and this will be done sometime in the next three weeks or so.

Beginning contracts allows us to begin really making a game plan .. totally exciting!


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