Thursday, March 22, 2012

Fully cleared for take off...

I went to see Dr. H this morning to have a breast exam done and to get my OB form signed for the reproductive clinic file.  These were the last two items remaining to complete my pre-transfer check list at the clinic ... we are now fully cleared for take off.  It feels so good to have all the medical screening items done - even though I did not anticipate any issues at my OB's office... it is just nice to officially be medically cleared and to be able to make some real plans for a future embryo transfer.  This is so exciting!

I just read a beautifully written birth story from a mother who just had a child through surrogacy.  It was heartwarming to read this story of the delivery of a beautiful baby girl and the birth of a brand new family.  Such joy radiated from her story and it was accompanied by a beautiful picture tribute to her surrogate.  Stories such as this just warms my heart and reaffirms to me why I choose to become a surrogate.

Surrogates change lives .. and although the stories that we help create are not always perfect, I recently came across an intended mother's sentiment that has stuck with me ... that even when journeys are not not perfect they still provide a glimmer of hope where none was before.  Infertility is so difficult to deal with - I am so grateful for my ability to carry a child and I truly hope that I will get to experience the miracle of life again very soon.


greatdana said...

I too just finished the last of the check list items needed prior to transfer for me - now just to get my husband to get his blood work tests and and we too will be officially ready! Good for you!

Plum Girl said...

It's so awesome that you're so excited about the journey! When Husband and I find our Angel Surrogate, it would be cool if she were just as excited as us....;-)

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