Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Check check...

Trial transfer done .. check!
Ultrasound of uterus and lining measurement done .. check!

Two more things of the list with beautiful results - this is getting really exciting!!  After my physical exam component at the clinic with Dr. H. was done, I got to meet with the nurse coordinator.  We talked about how my past medication protocol has been effective so we will leave it the same and hope for good results the third time around.  We are looking at a May (possibly early June) transfer.

The clinic is now just waiting for the last few items before we can officially move ahead and make real plans.  They are waiting for my psych report (...and yes I am sure I am insane - but I plead the fifth on that one ;-) ... Dr. D should be sending her report over soon - both my conversation with her and her phone call with Rio went well.  Actually I am truly glad to have had another opportunity to discuss the aftermath of the twins' early arrival - think through and verbalizing it all again and feel sure that I have gone through the process of healing and knowing that I am ok.  It will always hurt - it will always have an impact on me....but that is ok.  It is part of who I am and little J will always be with me.   It was good to "re-air" some of all those feelings to someone who counsels a lot of women who are going through infertility or dealing with various degrees of pregnancy and infant losses...always helpful to get another perspective.

Contracts are in the works as well ... we are all hoping for a smooth process here.  Last piece is my OB sign-off .. that appointment is scheduled for later this month.  I will no longer see my regular OB as she has gone into private practice and no longer does OB care.  While I am sad because I really like her, it is also good as the other doctor I will see focus on high-risk obstetrics which is truly a benefit given the early arrival of twins. 

It seems that we are well on our way to making a baby .... excited?  You bet!


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