Thursday, March 29, 2012

Count down to race day...

Ready .. set .. go  ~  well I hope so!!!

The Run for the Roses is coming up bright and early Sunday morning.  Start time is 7:35 AM .. here is to wishing for no rain :-)

Today I measured the exact distance of my run and timed it as well.   3 miles in 32 minutes (including 7 1/2 minutes of walking).. I am pretty happy with that.  I feel ready for the race and am totally excited to do.

If all goes well on Sunday, I would like to do a couple of more races before transfer if time allow.  There is one in April at the Portland Zoo ~ Race for the Cheetah ... I totally think the kids will get a kick out of that one.  They have a kiddo race as well and I think I am going to sign all three of them up for it.  It is just 1 mile ... I know they can all do that easy.   I just need to find someone to come along and watch them while I do my run.

My long term goal is to do a triathlon .. it will likely not happen this year as I really need to get more bike training in to be ready for that....but setting goals is a good thing and it will happen someday. 

Something else is even more exciting that race day!!!  My hubby is coming home tomorrow!!!  Yeah - we are all looking forward to seeing him and spending time with him...just can't wait!


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