Monday, March 12, 2012

Work it out...

Ok so I am completely fixated on my scale ... I really need to throw it away ... really I do!!!

I have been able to maintain below 130 in the mornings.  I have been at this spot for a while now ... but man, it is just not budging much beyond that.  I am really watching what I eat and I am getting back to working out pretty much daily (...well to some extend anyway and sure I could be doing better ~ but hey walking the dogs does count too).  I have just been so busy since our move that it is not always easy to cram everything in.  I also know that I need to do a better job of drinking more water so I just bought a new refillable bottle this weekend and I am back to keeping track of that as well.

I am hoping to get to 125 before we start actively cycling, as I know that the fertility meds will bring the pounds right back on.  I think this is a reachable goal if we plan for a May transfer....hopefully our first transfer will be successful and the pounds will be packing on for a whole other reason ;-)

Truly I am not so concerned about the number on the scale but more about the toning of my body and it is looking pretty good....I am back in my size 4 jeans which makes me very happy ... now I just want to "redistribute" a few things and eliminate a few others like the cellulite that is still hanging out on my bum, thighs and the back of my ribcage..... It will happen .... it will happen :-)


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