Sunday, November 13, 2011


Today it is six months since N&J were born.  An adorable little N is growing big and has the cutest little chunky cheeks ~ oh how I would love to pinch them and give him a big hug.  I just got new pictures of him and he is such a little sweetheart.  I am so grateful that he is doing so well.

During the last month or so I have steadily been increasing my workouts and although I feel stronger physically, I am still not seeing as much change in my body as I would like.  I was really hoping that "eating right and exercise" would let me drop those last few pounds ... but they are determined to hang on!  Rio suggested getting a personal trainer for a couple of months but I am not quite ready to give up on doing it on my own just yet. 

Everyday I make sure to get some type of cardio into my schedule.  Most days I go for a run but I do try and mix it up a little bit.  Friday night we went ice-skating which was a lot of fun.  My ankles were sore afterward but surely not as sore as Sebastian's bum!  Some days I grab the bike and go for a ride, today Olivia and I went for a long and very hilly ride and it was a great workout and so much fun having my girly come along for chit chat.

I also track my step count every day to make sure I am on target for a minimum of 10K a day.  My daily goal right now is 11K and will gradually increase it to 12K over the next few weeks.  12,000 steps for me is about 5 miles and I find that having a goal is a great motivator and truly becomes a mental game to beat the goal and "bank" some extra steps for a rainy day.

The short story is that six months post birth, my abs are still flabby, my legs still have cellulite and I am still hanging on to about five extra pounds.  Since I am not a fan of dieting, I will not do any kind of crazy diets to drop the pounds....really all I want when I go on a diet is what I cannot have.  Then I give into just a little bite and it all becomes pointless.. so no diets for me.  But I will remain in a pursuit of a more well toned body and loosing those last pounds ... hopefully being consistent with more cardio exercise will be the key.


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