Thursday, November 10, 2011

A little progress...

Yesterday I went on a field trip with Olivia's class.  We visited the Challenger Learning Center in Bloomington for a "visit" to outer space.  The kids had all been preparing very hard for their mission called "Rendezvous with a Comet" and they had a fantastic time.  It was just so much fun observing them and seeing them put their learning into actual application.  Olivia was on the "Remote Team" and while in space, she got to examine bugs and plant life...she was a happy girl!

Upon returning home, I got some good news ... well at least I hope it is good news!  Finally the lady from the mortgage company came back with a reply.  Based on the BPO (broker price opinion) dispute information that we have submitted, they are ordering a new opinion.  I am hoping that this new opinion will be more reflective of where the market is actually at and will configure within a certain "magic" number of our current offer so that the sale will be approved to move forward.  I am keeping my fingers crossed and staying hopeful that we will have an answer very soon.

I really really hate having to sell our home ... I loved my house on the coast and miss our neighborhood and friends very very much.  I miss the sounds of the ocean, walking by the beach and feeling the tranquility of the sounds and looking the endless blue ocean ... But I love eating dinner together (so a paycheck is beneficial!!!) and I love the fact that we are all together again every day...being a family is better than any house because it is just a house ... just a structure... family is love and my heart is complete when we are together.  


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