Wednesday, November 2, 2011

I am truly blessed...

A couple of days before Violet's birthday, I received a beautiful wall hanging in the mail from M&M.  It depicts a mama bird and her nest ... with a sweet note thanking me for nesting their baby girl.  My heart is so humbled and flooded with gratitude.  On little V's birthday, I got to say hello to her on the phone and talk to both of her parents ... such joy to hear about their little girl and how life is going.  It is such a special privilege to continually be included in their life.  

Having this bond with them makes me feel very fortunate especially as just yesterday I read a post on SMO from a surrogate who recently gave birth.  She was in a dual surrogate situation just like I was ... only she did not know!  Her IP's never shared with her that they had another surrogate.  I understand the rights that any IP's have to keep their life private but there are some things that needs to be shared when you undertake a surrogacy journey.  Honesty and openness is so important.  I can understand the fears that potential parents have with the pregnancy not working out and that having two surrogate may double their chances for becoming parents but it is hard for me to understand why the IP's would keep such significant information to them selves.  A surrogacy journey is based so much on trust between the parties and basing the relationship on a lie is just a disaster waiting to happen.

I can only imagine the shock of finding out this news right after giving birth and then having the IP's lie straight to her face after she has helped them achieve a dream.  I hope the surrogate will find peace with her journey and that more than anything else, she feel the satisfaction of knowing that two sweet little miracles are in this world because of how special she is.


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