Tuesday, November 15, 2011

In pursuit...

Life is about pursuit .. pursuit of happiness ... pursuit of freedom to be who we are ... pursuit of the living the life we want... the pursuit of a toned tummy and loosing the last pounds of pregnancy (ranking pretty close to the top of my list these days ;-) ...the list could go on.

Life is amazing and each day is a new gift.  Recently I read an analogy about how life is like money; imagine that every day you wake up to bank account filled with $86,400 and the money is yours to use on whatever you choose, but what you do not spend by the end of the day will be gone and lost forever.   This is like time.  Everyday we wake up to 86,400 new seconds of life.  Like money some seconds will be used on necessities but the remaining are ours to use or to loose.  Once the time is gone you can never have it back.  And if there is one thing that I have learned in watching my children grow, it is that time flies and regardless of hard I try to hold onto the moments they will slip through my fingers like sand on the beach.   

Here I am standing on the threshold of opening up a new chapter in my life.  It feels like standing in the doorway between two rooms and not being able to decide which one to enter.  I am not sure that I am ready to close the old chapter just yet and I will leave the door ajar.  What I do know is that I am so ready to make inroads into what is to come next.  I am just really hopeful for the possibility of being accepted into a nursing program for Fall.  I am so excited about what lays ahead.

Going back to school will be bring a big change to my routine - our routine.  I am already now trying to figure out a good study schedule and how to get everything managed around the house so have a minimal impact on everyone else.  Changes for all will come soon enough if I do get accepted into nursing school.

For now life hangs in a balance and I will navigate between two spaces to find my way forward. One never know what tomorrow will bring but change will come and if you ask me these are exciting changes for sure!


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