Sunday, November 6, 2011

I love books...

I am sitting here looking through my lab book for my A&P class.  I am registering for classes in the morning and I find myself a bit nervous and hopeful that the line will not be too long.  I really hope that I will get into the classes of my choice with regards to time preference.  Rio is very busy at work and his schedule is a bit unpredictable, so I need to make sure that the timing for my classes work with the kids' school schedule.

It is often said that people will change their career direction a few times in their life....I really think my time is now.  I have spent a lot of time thinking about this and the timing just feels right.

I have always loved books.  I love the library and the book store .. heck I love my kindle (except it is broken right now which is annoying as holy heck because I was in the middle of a book!).  Anyway, when I was a little girl ~ I think about Olivia's age (who by the way is a little super ready as well!) about 10 or 11 ~ I stumbled across a series of books about a nurse.  The books were old and collecting dust in the attic on my local library.  I loved going to the attic and looking through the old book boxes and for some reason I just found these books very facinating.  I remember obsessively reading the Sue Barton books (by Helen Dore Boylston) .. about a young woman going to nursing school.  The series has 6 or 7 books and cover Sue's young adulthood through nursing school and her life on through marriage and kids.  I loved these book, so much in fact that I re-read them again later in my teens ~ I remember thinking that being a nurse must be totally cool. 

As I went on with school, business seemed to be the way to go and although I like my first career choice, I do find it funny that maybe I knew all along what a better choice might be.  Only time will tell how things will work out but for now I am excited to start something new!


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