Friday, November 11, 2011

Info session part two...

Today went well!  The information session was .. well very informative!  I got lots of my questions a matter of fact I got all my questions answered because no one else bothered to ask barely anything ~ but you know me...I will get the answers I need so hopefully some of the things that I wanted to know about the school and program was helpful to other students as well.

After the info session, we toured the school building and one of the simulations labs located at the hospital.  I also had an opportunity to talk to a student currently in the 2nd degree program and get a more personal take on the program which is always useful. 

One of the neat things about this particular college is that the majority of the clinical rotations are actually at the hospital and I really like that.  The sim labs will also be very useful for targeted practice and getting prepared before heading out into an actual clinical setting. 

After the campus visit, I had lunch with Rio.  I shared with him the information about the program and I know that he will support my decision for going back to school.  I am getting increasingly excited about it all.  I talked to the director of the program about the competitive aspect of actually getting into the program.  Of course she cannot tell me that I will or will not get in at this point, but she did say that with my GPA (...which of course is magnificent!!!!) I have an excellent chance of getting admitted for the Fall. 

Now here is to tackling the last few pre-requisite requirements ..which includes getting the school to approve transfer credit for my statistics class from SIUC ~ currently they are not and they want me to take another general education statistics class at ICC :-(  I am going to call the math department at SIUC next week and see if I can get a course syllabus so they can actually see the different components covered by the class and hopefully approve it.

Hopefully come March I will receive an admission letter to the programs and cruising through A&P I, microbiology and sociology!!!  Power of prayer and positive thinking :-)


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