Thursday, November 3, 2011

Run in the rain...

I have been sticking with the running...well for the most part ~ yesterday I skipped the run as I had a couple of appointments in the morning.  I did make up for it and took Magnus and Sebastian for a bike ride after school.  The weather was beautiful, cool and crisp but not cold.  It was a great day for yard work and we got lots and lots and LOTS of leaves down to the curb for pick-up.  We are drowning in leaves here ... it is beautiful but so much work.

This morning we woke up to crappy weather.  Gusty, cold and rainy...a typical November morning.  Winter is on the way!  However despite the rain, I went out for a run and I feel great!  My endurance is still not the best but I feel an improvement and every time I go out, I add a little more running time to my routine.  I still do not go all that far in distance but it is a start.

I purchased a pedometer last week to keep my motivation going and to track the number of steps I take.  For now my goal is for a minimum of 10,000 a day.  I did not move enough the first few days I was keeping track and dug myself a little whole!  Day 4 of tracking, I was below my goal by 13,317 steps ... ouch!  So the catch-up began ... it really does take some effort to get to 10K.... seeing the number on my pedometer throughout the day keeps me motivated to move especially when the number is low!  Running helps a great deal too - hopefully between my daily weight routine and the running, the scale will show the results as some point too. 


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